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Women's Therapeutic Group in Brockley

'I'm nobody, who are you?
Are you - Nobody - too?'
Emily Dickinson (1983)

This is a therapeutic group for anyone who identifies as a woman that begins September 2022. Our group welcomes and respects the diverse breadth of what it means to identify as a woman. Our group provides a safe space to explore and learn about yourself and how you relate to others - both inside and outside of the group.

The need to belong is a powerful and fundamental motivation.

How often?

We meet weekly for 90 minutes on Thursday mornings. We meet for approximately 40 weeks of the year. Our breaks will align to Lewisham school holidays. This definitely does not mean that our group is open to only those who identify as parents.

How much?

Group members pay approximately £25 a session. This is paid via a year-round monthly fee of £85. This makes our therapeutic group a less costly venture than one-to-one therapy. Less cost does not equal lesser: a therapeutic group is different to one-to-one therapy but not better or worse - simply different.

We are built for connection, and nothing is more important to our well-being...

How long?

People stay in the group for different lengths of time. As one person feels ready to leave, someone new may join. We ask for a commitment of 4 sessions to allow time for you to see if the group feels like a good fit for you.

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Is a therapeutic group for me?

  • Are feeling isolated?
  • Do you feel lonely in yourself and/ or when surrounded by others?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you are the only one who feels the way you do?
  • Would you like to gain greater awareness of how you come across to others?
  • Would it help you to hear other's concerns and find that you can relate them back to your concerns?
  • Would it help you to realise that you are not so alone in some of how you feel in life?

    If you find yourself answering "yes" to any of these questions then a therapeutic group could well be for you.

  • How do I become part of the group?

    Once you have expressed an interest in the group we will arrange a free 10-15 minute phone chat in order for us both to get an initial feeling of whether the group might be a good fit. This would be a 2-way process with space for questions and concerns. If we both decide that the group might be a good fit we meet for a one-to-one session for us both to have the opportunity for further exploration around what you are hoping for. The one-to-one session will be priced at the same level as a therapeutic group session at £25.

    I am new to therapeutic groups and feel nervous - is that normal?

    Entering into any group for the first time can be a little nerve-wracking for many of us - it’s completely normal to feel nervous. Those already in the group are likely to have also had those 'first group nerves'. Many find that after the initial nerves they begin to settle in and feel more comfortable with what happens in the group and often report really looking forward the weekly space they give to themselves.

    What should I talk about in the group?

    There is no set agenda within the group. Group members are invited to bring their own experiences to each meeting - these might be experiences from inside or outside the group. In our group the group members learn from each other in relation to each other. We continually learn how to be in the world from being in relationships in groups e.g. in our families, within school, at work and we can continue to learn how to live more fruitfully from being within this group.

    I really like members of the group - is it okay for us to socialise outside of the group?

    Traditionally group therapy has discouraged any social contact between group members outside of the group. With the groups I work with, my stance is that if you do socialise with others from the group it is vital that you are willing to bring any difficulties, or big changes within your relationship, back into the group to talk about them. Not doing this can negatively impact the group.

    I want to get the most out of the therapeutic group - do you have any tips?

  • Tip 1: Use I-statements. I-statements are one method of effective communication. Using I-statements can help you express your feelings in a manner that results in you taking responsibility for your feelings. Expressing yourself this way is more likely to result in the person you are communicating with being able to hear you fully as opposed to feeling defensive, blamed or attacked. (Follow this link for more info: I-statements).
  • Tip 2: Some people find that coming to the group with some ideas of what they want to explore that day helps.
  • Tip 3: Sometimes you might find that you are struggling in the group. This might be noticed by myself or someone else in the group however sometimes this might not be obvious to anyone but you. The group is here to support you and you are encouraged to share what is happening for you.

  • Other questions?

    I hope some of the questions that you might have about our therapeutic group might be answered in some of what I have shared above. Of course you might well have other questions too. If that is the case please feel free to drop me a line.

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