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Individual, Couple & Group Counsellor & Psychotherapist: Brighton, Hove, Online

Is life feeling too difficult for you right now?  Maybe you're feeling anxious, low, down, depressed, confused, bereaved, frustrated, stressed or are experiencing relationship issues or just not feeling 'quite right'? You could be struggling with your relationship with your partner - when our primary relationship is not doing well then we’re not doing well hence why I also offer Relationship Therapy.  I am a BACP accredited and experienced psychotherapist and my role is to help you make sense of what is happening for you and, through the process of our work together, free you up to live your life more fully (here is a full list of my qualifications).

I have been working with clients for nearly 15 years therefore I have worked with many people and I find myself continually delighted by our human ability to face our challenges and begin to not just survive but thrive.

You can begin to thrive not just survive.

Some of our struggles will have been born out of relationships and therefore it is within our therapeutic relationship that your struggles can be addressed. Research states that the relationship between you and I is key to you getting what you want and need out of counselling/ psychotherapy/ therapy.  To find out if I might be the right counsellor/ psychotherapist for you get in touch to arrange a free of charge initial consultation (subsequent sessions charged at £60 per 50 minute session for individuals and £80 per 50 minute session for couples).

Choosing to begin counselling/ psychotherapy/ therapy can feel like a big step...this choice often comes at a time when we might be feeling at our lowest or our most vulnerable - this can make that step feel even bigger:

I can offer you counselling and psychotherapy in 2 comfortable and private locations in Brighton (BN1) - easily accessible from the whole of Brighton as well as Hove and other parts of East Sussex (1 in Fiveways and 1 in Central Brighton). I am also qualified to the highest level to offer you a secure and confidential space via online counselling and psychotherapy if that suits you better.

What can counselling, psychotherapy or therapy do for me?

Together the changes that you can expect within our therapy work include:
  • your view of yourself can change e.g. you can see yourself more clearly and more compassionately
  • your attitude towards yourself can change e.g. you can like and accept yourself more
  • you can feel more self-determining/ stronger e.g. a sense of being able to make decisions for self based on your own sense of a situation
  • you can generally feel more confident in your ability to trust yourself
  • as well as a greater sense of acceptance and compassion towards yourself, a deeper connection towards others can be experienced.

    I hold a Master's degree in Contemporary Person-Centred Psychotherapy from the prestigious Metanoia Institute. You can find out more about me and my qualifications here.

What challenging life experiences can I bring to counselling and psychotherapy?

I have worked with many people through numerous life experiences such as:
  • If you have experienced abuse of any kind
  • If you feel anger and don’t know why…or do know why and want to process that
  • If you feel anxious and/ or are experiencing panic attacks
  • if you suffered a bereavement
  • If you’re feeling low or depressed
  • If you’re struggling with your identity
  • If you feel lonely or stuck
  • if you’re struggling with relationships of any sort: romantic, sexual, friendship & family
  • If you’re experiencing shame or stress or have experienced trauma

You may find that group therapy/ a therapeutic group is a beneficial option for you especially if you feel lonely or isolated and/ or you're struggling with relationships of any sort.

As a counsellor and therapist I have worked with many people who are blocked from living as fully as they would like to: you might be confused as to why you feel like you do or maybe it is quite clear that what you’re experiencing is linked to the impact of challenging life experiences?

Maybe what you are experiencing does not neatly fit under a 'heading' - please feel free to get in touch and tell me a little about what is going on for you.

More and more people are finding it helpful to explore life's struggles in a confidential space. Taking a closer look at our lives in this way can be transformative.

Together we can work towards creating more fulfilment in your life.

I am a member of Brighton & Hove Therapy Hub

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